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WEEE Recycling & e-Waste

Eco-Friendly, As it Should Be

Hazel Networks values and implements a policy of environmental consciousness in everything we do. Our goal to exceed industry standards and expectations with the impact that we have on our environment has been among our top priorities in every transaction.

Electronics Recycling & Our Green Market

The green market a.k.a. the ‘secondary market’ or ‘used market’, is the distribution of refurbished, used, recycled, discontinued or new products that are still in good working condition. These items are sold through resellers like us, and sometimes through the original equipment manufacturers, depending on the type of item being sold. At Hazel Networks, we specialize in recovering new and used networking equipment for re-use or resale, providing a lower cost and sustainable alternative to buying new goods from standard distribution channels.

The green market is absolutely necessary in order to maintain of current systems needing replacement parts that have either been discontinued, the manufacturer is no longer in business, or, in cases where there is limited availability and parts are hard-to-find. It is also a major resource when just one component fails because it is often cheaper and quicker to replace just the failed part, rather than extract and repair the damage.

The negative effects of over producing new electronics products and disposing rather than utilizing existing equipment has been recognized as ecologically unsustainable and potentially hazardous. Buying green market products is not only extremely cost effective, but more environmentally responsible than continually replacing network systems with new equipment.

This philosophy has been recently gaining traction globally with companies all over the world due to increased awareness of climate change. We hope to reduce our impact and help others do so as well!

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