We receive your gently used device through either our Buyback Program, or through donations. A percentage of all devices are donated to local charities and schools.


Refresh & Refurbish

Your gently used electronics are cleaned, tested & repaired to be fully functioning and ready for their new home.


Resale or Donation

After refurbishing, we carefully package each device with Eco-Friendly materials and prepare each package for shipment to our customers.

Our Refurbishing Process

  • Step 1. Visual Inspection

All products are visually inspected. Only products that are deemed repairable and worthwhile are allowed through to refurbishment, all others are rejected and forwarded to one of our e-recycling partners.

  • Step 2. Physical Inspection

Each product that passes the visual inspection then undergoes physical inspection of major and minor components as per the OEM specifications. Our equipment is systematically taken apart and all manufacturer part numbers, HECI codes and serial numbers logged into our database.

  • Step 3. Component Replacements & Upgrades

Any worn, missing or damaged components are replaced just before the product is sanitized. This includes buttons, screens, cords, dust caps and plastics. Any products found to have issues are set aside.

  • Step 4. Configuration to Specifications from our Clients

We will configure the product to the client’s technical specification if required. This includes flashing firmware, or programming a specific wireless configuration.

We put a lot of time into making this process effective, but also extremely efficient, so that you can be sure that you are purchasing electronics that will last a long time. All of our technicians have been trained in a plethora of different device types, as well as procedures to guarantee the safety and privacy of your personal data. We take our customers’ privacy and security very seriously and take great lengths to ensure peace of mind that you may not find with other electronics retailers.

Our work begins when we receive used or for parts electronics. Upon arrival at our facility, we test each piece of equipment according to the manufacturer instructions. Most devices get tested to ensure it powers up correctly, that all ports & antennas are functioning and that the device can be connected to, if applicable. Doing these tests first helps eliminate spending time working on defective or non-functioning devices.

After the initial testing phase, we make sure each device has been restored to factory default settings by following instructions from the manufacturer. This step can vary drastically between devices, so if you have questions about this portion of our process, please feel free to contact us for more information!

  • Step 5. Data Erasure & Cleansing

If the product features a HDD or other storage media, Hazel Networks will carry out a data cleanse in our secure lab using the industry leading Blancco Software to ensure that any data left on a device is securely wiped.

  • Step 6. Testing / Screening

We have the ability to test modules and complete systems belonging to a range of platforms although this does not cover our entire portfolio of products offered. Please note that our testing/screening service is available on request only. 

  • Step 7.  Cleaning & Preparation for Shipment

With all components replaced and data cleansed, the product is fully cleaned and sanitized to remove any dirt or labels identifying the former owner. We use Environmentally friendly & effective cleaning procedures that do not leave any chemical residue or residual toxins on any electronics.

  • Step 8. Quality Control

Our quality assurance specialists personally check each and every unit to ensure all of our standards are being met for each order prior to dispatch.

  • Step 9. Product Repackaged

After final inspection the product is re-packed in recycled cardboard packaging, ensuring it reaches you in the best possible condition. We are able to repackage to customer specification and label with customer part numbers, order numbers or other information as requested. Biodegradable “plastic” packaging will be phased in, starting October, 2019.

Sustainable Mindset

Why we began our Buyback Program

After you send your electronics to a recycler, most of the time that recycler will break down your electronics into smaller components, then ship that off to an overseas processing facility where the metals & other valuable components are extracted & can then be reused for new devices.

Unfortunately, this process is not at all environmentally friendly. In the countries where this processing is done (China, India, Ghana, Pakistan), there are no worker safety or environmental protection laws – at least not that are being enforced. As a result, people that perform this work are constantly breathing toxins such as brominated fire retardants, and metals like lead and tin – all that are being heated and releasing extremely toxic fumes into the air. Not only is this adding to our environmental problems, but it’s also unhealthy for people to be breathing those chemicals.

We believe that everyone should have access to safe, sustainable working conditions AND get paid a living wage.

Some interesting facts:

  • An average of 220 tons of electronic waste is dumped in landfills and incinerators every year in the US alone.
  • Electronic waste constitutes only 2-5% of the US municipal solid waste stream, but almost 70% of our toxic waste.
  • Anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of US electronic waste collected for recycling is sent to Asia.

At Hazel Networks, we are committed to environmental sustainability as well as to treat workers fairly with safe working conditions. This includes our own employees as well as ones over seas.

Because of this commitment, we make it a priority to reuse as much as we possibly can and when we aren’t able to reuse, we make sure that all of our recycling is done by US based, reputable sources that use mechanical shredding and machines that separate out usable resources from the rest.


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