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Services Offered at Hazel Networks

Hazel Networks offers a comprehensive suite of telecom services which deliver true end-to-end solutions for effective asset management. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements and advise you on the most appropriate solution, tailored to your needs.

Data Wiping & Destruction

Hazel Networks can carry out data cleanses using the world’s leading data erasure software, Blancco, which meets the government standard of INFOSEC 5 (higher).

Spare Parts Management

Hazel Networks will collect your equipment, then categorize to part code, serial, description and hardware revision level, allowing you to view your equipment inventory remotely.

Network Asset Recovery

Hazel Networks offers a flexible approach to suit any customer; all of our telecom network asset recovery services are available either individually or packaged into a bulk solution. Read More =>

US-Based Customer Service

With our team of trained customer service personnel, we will do our best to assist you with anything you might need, and answer any questions you may have about our programs. Read More =>

Test & Repair

Hazel Networks is able to offer testing and repair solutions for a variety of device types in our purpose built testing laboratory in line with the OEM specifications. Read More =>

Remote Operation

With Hazel Networks’ remote hands at your service, routine maintenance tasks can be outsourced, especially equipment decommissioning and physical uplift services, freeing up your team.

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