How to Activate Your DSL Modem

Step 1: Connect Your Modem

  • Plug in your modem the same way as the one you are replacing. Wait until the power light turns solid green.
  • Next, connect one end of the phone jack cord into the “DSL” port on the modem (the green port) and wait 4-6 minutes for the DSL light to turn solid green, indicating that the modem is ready to be activated.

Step 2: Connect to Your Computer

  • Turn on your computer, or restart it if it was already on when you plugged in your modem. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into your device/computer and the other end into your modem. The Ethernet light on the modem should turn green.

Step 3: Access your Modem’s Settings Page

  • Next, open your internet browser (Mozilla Firefox is usually the best, but Google Chrome, or Safari also work) and try to connect to any website.

NOTE: We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer as these programs can interact differently with your modem’s admin panel.
Step 4

  • Your provider’s activation portal should come up automatically when you try to go to any website. It will ask for several numbers on your modem as well as some of your account information in order to get your device activated. Afterwards, you can verify your modem’s activation status by going to any website.

Note: If you are using a wireless router, it can now be reconnected. The router may have to be power cycled in order to reconnect properly.

Provider Contact Info

Centurylink: 1 (800) 244-1111
AT&T: 1 (800) 331-0500
Verizon: 1 (800) 837-4966
Frontier: 1 (800) 921-8101
Windstream: 1 (800) 347-1991
TDS: 1 (888) 225-5837

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