How it Works

Hazel Networks
Buyback Program

Selling your used equipment has never been easier! We do all the legwork, and provide prepaid shipping labels, and ensure that your equipment is assessed at the maximum value so that you can feel confident that you won't get a better deal anywhere else!

We’ll check over your list and send you our quote offer within 2 to 3 business days.


Pack your device or devices with appropriate packaging, print out your prepaid shipping label and drop your modems or routers off at the postal office listed on your shipping label. We’ll receive it within 3 to 5 business days.


When your shipment arrives at our warehouse, our technicians will carefully assess and test your devices. We’ll issue payment after your equipment has been checked over. Payments will be sent via the preferred method listed in your message within 1 week of delivery. If you need to switch to a different payment method, let us know.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make selling your used electronics as easy as it was to buy them. That means simply sending us a list of your product (or products), evaluating the condition and choosing how you’d like to be paid.

We’re aiming to eliminate the hassles associated with normal consumer-to-consumer selling, so that you can spend less time meeting up in parking lots, taking pictures & messaging for days just for one sale.

Simply select either Modems & Routers or All other Electronics, fill out the corresponding form & we’ll get back to you within 2 business days with an itemized quote offer.

When Hazel Networks was founded, we wanted to make it easy, not only for our customers to sell used electronics to us, but also recycle the ones that were no longer worth anything.

Hazel Networks does not make any money on recycling old electronics, which allows us to form unbiased partnerships with only certified electronics recyclers who adhere to the industry’s highest level of environmental standards. This keeps more used electronics out of the landfill, and allows industries to re-use raw materials from recycled components.

Benefits of Recycling with Us

  • Keep your old, used or defective electronics from entering the landfill
  • Contribute to education & support low income families, nonprofits and community volunteers
  • Teach kids & volunteers a valuable skill in today's market & provide a sustainable service for the planet

Sell Used Electronics – Help the Planet

Every year, since the technological boom, humans have been sending hundreds of thousands of pounds of obsolete used electronics directly to the landfill as soon as there’s a newer model available. We feel that it’s our duty to help keep tech from ending up in the landfill and have based a significant portion of our business around electronics recycling. Sell your used electronics to us, and earn some $ while saving the planet!