Michael Bransky

Owner & CEO

A pioneer in the environmental movement, Michael has worked over the past 10 years to help reduce electronic waste globally. His deep concern for our planet was the motivation behind founding Hazel Networks. Michael hopes to have a tangible positive impact on the environmental issues we are facing today.

In his free time, Michael enjoys fishing, hiking and spending time with his wife and two young daughters. Michael currently resides in Beaverton, OR.

Robert Jacobson

Sales Manager

As the Director of Sales for Hazel Networks, Robert is in charge of developing innovative growth sales strategies and tactics using his intuitive understanding of customer trends. while building client relationships.

Since joining Hazel Networks in 2016, Robert served briefly as Sales Manager and became an expert at building and maintaining client relationships. Robert’s unique entrepreneurial background allowed for him to excel at his position and be promoted to Director of Sales as soon as the position was available.

Ivy Ham

Office & Account Manager

Having an unparalleled dedication to maintaining high quality standards, Ivy is central in keeping our office running smoothly. She is responsible for overseeing our sales department as it relates to all business and consumer accounts.


Prior to this role, Ivy excelled as our Assistant Operations Manager with a focus on setting training standards and hiring procedures. Prior to working with Hazel Networks, Ivy worked at Xerox ACS in and the YMCA.


Rachael Adams

Sales Manager

“I started working for this company as a receptionist several years ago and have moved my way up to being the manager of the sales department! Hazel networks values hard working people!”

Rachael was recently graduated to the head of our sales department after 3 years of outstanding progress!


Amber White

Operations Manager

An environmental advocate, Amber helps keep our Oregon facility clean, green with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We have migrated from plastic packaging products to a biodegradable alternative.

Since her promotion to Operations Manager in  Summer 2018, Amber has also played a key role in developing training procedures and reducing operations costs at our Oregon facility.


Julian McHale

Warehouse Manager

Responsible for the smooth, fast shipping that all of our customers get to enjoy, Julian has successfully developed and streamlined our inventory so that we can get it shipped to your doorstep within hours of your order being placed! Julian’s knack for organization keeps our warehouse in order and reduces the stress of everyone else on the team!

In his free time, Julian likes to play rugby, go hiking around Portland’s many trails and play with his 2 dogs. Julian currently resides in Portland, OR.


Eric Henderson

IT & Installations Manager

As an IT Analyst and the head of our IT department, Eric brings fun to every meeting by keeping all staff engaged and entertained while still dishing out extremely important information. Eric’s ability to keep a crowd interested – even when the topic is extremely dry – makes him a key player here at Hazel Networks.

Eric graduated from USC with a degree in Computer Science and concentration in IT systems. In his free time, Eric enjoys watching baseball with his family & friends, spending time with his dogs and working on his car.


Amir Nazir

IT & Installations Manager

“What I love about working for Hazel Networks is that even though parts of my job can be a little tedious, every day has its own unique challenges that keep everything really interesting and fresh. I love learning new things and I feel like I’ve learned so much since I started working here.”